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30-12-2012 | Benefiet-Klankhealing-concert voor universeel bewustzijn

Tijd: 19.30 - 21.30 uur
Prijs: donatie
Locatie: Sint Maartenskerk, Epe
Straat: aanmelden:
Plaats: Epe

International Benefit Sound Healing Concert for Universal Awareness

To all the people who DO care,

Peter Gouw and Marija Skocir are working with children from socially handicapped families in Slovenia in cooperation with the humanitarian organisation “The Association of Friends of Children”. More and more children are facing the lack of food and very basic goods they need for their survival and development. It is not a problem, limited to some countries or continents – it is a global disease of the contemporary capitalistic society, where the social differences are becoming huge. It can happen to anybody.
Sometimes we feel powerless to change the world globally, BUT ...let’s do what we can HERE and NOW. There are many very easy things you can do... You never will miss the little things you give away, but you will always remember that you did something good for another human being. And remember - YOUR DONATION IS NEVER TOO SMALL!!! And it always is PRECIOUS. And know that what you give is going directly to someone who really needs it. It will reach the homes of people, change their lives at least a little bit and give children a new chance.
Free donation from the heart...

Sint Maartens Kerk, Epe (The Netherlands)

Sunday 30 December at 19.30 – 21.30 hrs

International music friends and guests will create beautiful, harmonic sounds from their hearts tuned on the waves of the new energies and reso- nations flowing into 2013. A lecture will be held to give you some insights on the new energies you can expect in 2013.
Feel welcome and join our concert. Listen with your heart and when you feel ‘touched’ by the sounds, feel free to participate and sing-along.

Musical Friends and Guests Vishuddha SoundTouch: Peter Gouw, Marija Skocir, Sergeja Groegl and friends Guests: Hans Karssen, Pia Brand, Miranda van Dam, Bojan Lazarevic, Brenda Wielders, Elayne Lussenburg and many others

We thank you for making children smile again
Organisation Ohmpunctuur:
Marija Skocir, Director Ohmpunctuur Slovenia ( Peter Gouw, Music Therapist, Director Ohmpunctuur Europe (www.ohmpunctuur. nl) Eva van het Ende, Music and Creative Therapist ( Rik Koudijs, (
Special thanks to all musicians, Peg Meijboom (, Brenda Wielders (, Elayne Lussenburg (

Sint Maartens Kerk in Epe, Ruud Licht , and all other people who opened their heart to our message.

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